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November 3rd, 2010

The "Cinese Professor" ad with rebuttal @ 10:42 pm


Like most people, I was embarrassed by this racist tripe being promoted by the right.
The "Chinese Professor" ad not only reveals that the Chines are evil (and smug), but that the reason our non-white President is employing modern versions of the economic strategies that got us out of the Great Depression is not because history proves they work but because he's in cahoots with other non-whites around the world to bring our country down.

Folks across the Pacific have already crafted a pithy response.

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Date:November 8th, 2010 11:16 am (UTC)

chinaSMACK comments

I first posted about this over on chinaSMACK -- threw in a bit of political context for folks not following politics in the USofA. This sparked a couple of responses. One commenter said that character restrictions on the chinaSMACK site prevented him or her from posting a full response. So I am posting the dialog here and hopefully they will continue to respond.

I first posted:
I first saw this ad while watching coverage of our elections last night. (Really prefer the panda parody to the real thing.)

This ad is symptomatic of a campaign tactic the ultra conservatives used to good effect — very good effect, I’m ashamed to say — in winning so many imprtant elections. It was first used by Barry Goldwater in the presidential election of 1964 to win the states in the southeastern US — the region we call “the South.” He did not win the general election, but he carried the South by a large margin. For this reason it became known as the “Southern strategy.” Racism has always been a problem here in the South and the majority of the people here are white. The Southern strategy consisted of scaring white people with the supposed threat posed by their non-white neighbors. It was a blatantly racist campaign based on lies and distortions. It alienated and enraged non-whites and whites who recognized the lies, but those groups were badly outnumbered by white people who were frightened and did not take the time to learn the truth.

The core of the Republican campaign this year has been “take America back.” The understood meaning of this slogan — seldom articulated — is take _white_ America back. The black President and his allies have somehow pushed true Americans (i.e., white Americans) from their rightful place of leadership. It does not matter that the Republican (white) President is responsible for our debts to China, what matters is that the non-white President is in league with other non-whites around the world to destroy white America. Non-white demons employed in this campaign ranged from Mexicans to Arabs to Chinese. (This ad is more polished than most, but the subtext is the same.)

The Southern Strategy of 1964 worked very well across our whole nation in 2010. Elections won by conservatives where won by the most jingoistic among them. I do not think this bodes well for America’s relationships with other nations. The legislators who have the power to ratify or dismiss President Obama’s diplomacy do not trust him nor anyone else not like them. Let me apologize in advance for their rudeness.

"Peter" replied:
In many instances fear is warranted. Not that it should be used to manipulate voters – but keep in mind a fear of fear is just as useful. People want to think happy thoughts, though they find themselves bothered by and attracted to negativity. The issues brought forward in this add are very real.

Don’t you think China will use the fact that it owns huge amounts of US debt to forward it’s own interests? Of course it will, just as any other nation would and should.

America (my homeland) has nearly destroyed itself through financial irresponsibility… What is the left’s answer to this? Spend more money then ever before. This may be their attempt to start a socialist utopia or it may just be a Keynesian (spelling?) “spend while you’re poor and save while you’re rich” approach. However, the issues at stake are very real – and raising them is not fear mongering.

(LiveJournal's character restrictions require I continue as another comment.)

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Date:November 8th, 2010 11:32 am (UTC)

chniaSMACK comments

I responded:
We are in debt to China because the Right put us in debt to China.
Our public education system is the worst in the industrialized nations because the Right does not believe in investing in our middle and working class. (The private schools of the wealthy are good; our $40k/year universities are the envy of the world. Public education languishes.)

President Obama’s stimulus package included the biggest tax cut for the middle and working classes since WWII, cut big banks out of the scholarship and grant process freeing up funds so working and middle class families can get aid to send their children to universities, and made it possible for small and medium-sized businesses to start up, reopen, or expand generating hundreds of thousands of new jobs in the private sector. The Republicans responded by blocking federal funding to subsidize state and local governments, costing hundreds of thousands of teachers, police officers, firefighters, and municipal workers their jobs. Despite obstruction from the Right, the Left passed health care reform which, according to the nonpartisan Government Accounting Office, will save the taxpayers billions.

The Right has already announced that one of the first things on their agenda is to reinstate Bush’s policy of no taxes for the richest 2% of our country — something that has cost us $700 million a year — and they make no secret of the fact they want to dismantle the safeguards that protect the middle and working class from big banks. The Tea Party platform includes abolishing public education, eliminating all controls over big oil, stripping the middle and working class of health care and even — quoting Senator-elect Rand Paul here — abolishing the Civil Rights Act: reinstating racism as the law of the land. The Right inherited the strongest economy and greatest surplus our nation has had in fifty years from the Left then spent eight years destroying the first and squandering the second until we are out of work and in hock up to our eyeballs.

If the issue really was balancing the budget or rebuilding the economy or shrinking the government or protecting personal freedoms every Tea Party in the nation would be going door to door tirelessly campaigning for President Obama — because he has been working tirelessly to achieve all of those things and more. But when the rich and powerful use fear to terrorize the common people into voting against their own best interests, truth is irrelevant.

Qbama is going to keep trying — he’s a man of principle who puts the good of the nation above his own political career — but, with the white Right working against him, to the outside world America is going to look a lot more like it did when Bush/Cheney were in charge.

To which "ChinaSmacker" replied:
I think the only positive thing I have to say about you is that you’re full of “good intentions”. It’s truly a pity that those “good intentions” are exactly what is wrong with the United States.
I started to type a response starting with your first point on education but it was bit too long to post (restricted by the system.) I don’t feel like editing it since China Smack does not state how many characters a post can contain.
I guess I can email it to you if you’re interested.

At this point I invited everyone to come to my house and continue the conversation. Hopefully they'll drop by.
Date:November 8th, 2010 06:00 pm (UTC)

from ChinaSmacker

I think the only positive thing I have to say about you is that you're full of "good intentions". It's truly a pity that those "good intentions" are exactly what is

wrong with the United States. I'll take your points in order and point out where you've been brainwashed but hopefully not beyond the point of no return.
This essentially comes down to whose responsibility is it to provide a good education, parent or teacher (by teacher you really mean government). If you truly

believe it is the responsibility of the teacher, well, then you are not living in reality. Teachers work eight hrs a day and go home to deal with the problems of their

own family. They have no concern outside of their "required" work hours to deal with your child. During work hours they teach the curriculum that was set forth.

It's is ONLY the responsibility of the parent to make sure the homework is understood, provide tutoring, etc. As it is now, Americans spend more per capita on

education than any other country in the world. What is lacking is the parental responsibility for the child's success.
As a child, my parents moved us from a Hispanic populated school district into a generally high priced Asian and White neighborhood. The schools were touted to

be some of the best in California. I found the teachers to be exactly the same. What I found different were the students and the parents. The parents expected

more. The parents sat down and went through the homework assignments each night. In short, the parents CARED, UNDERSTOOD THE IMPORTANCE OF

EDUCATION, and took it as their PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY that their child succeed. Doesn't that make sense? No one cares about a child more than his

parents. You expect the teachers to care if your child succeeds? Good intentions but completely unattainable.
You obviously do not understand why a "bad" school becomes a "good" school. You can see this dynamic at work in California. There are schools in California

were certain underachieving minority groups are present. But behold, new immigrant Indians and Asians begin moving in bring with them a profound respect for

education and understanding of their role in shaping their child. As the children of underachieving minority groups moved out of the school system through

attrition, the ranking of the schools started to climb higher and higher. Wow! Great teachers, right? Wrong, same teachers... different parents! Get it now? You

can pump all the money you want into the education system you can double the per capita spending. Hell, you can quadruple it... You won't get anywhere until the

parents care.
As you are wrong about education, you are wrong on your other points as well. You do not understand why goods and services increase in price, why health care

and education costs are so high (blaming corporate greed), why there exists two parent working households, or why the welfare state is really modern slavery. Too much typing already.. I'll have to correct the other topics you bring up at a later date. Please excuse my typos as I don't type much....

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Date:November 9th, 2010 02:29 am (UTC)

Re: from ChinaSmacker

I'm sorry you have such a low opinion of us teachers and the dedication we bring to our jobs. In point of fact, taken as a percentage of the national budget, the USofA spends less per student on public education than any other industrialized nation. In other words, teachers are not provided with the materials they need to teach and children are not given the tools they need to learn.

Where are you, by the way?
Date:November 9th, 2010 04:48 am (UTC)

Re: from ChinaSmacker


You said:
"In point of fact, taken as a percentage of the national budget, the USofA spends less per student on public education than any other industrialized nation."

Well, it's clear you are obviously not a math or statistics teacher. The USofA has the highest GDP in the world. It's nearly impossible for the USofA to spend an extremely large percentage of the national budget on education versus a country with a small GDP. Just think about how much that would amount to. Although, if one were going to rank education spending as percentage of GDP, USofA is right next to Japan.

Point of fact, the USofA is in the top 3 in the world using the more important measure of spending per pupil.

I do not have a low opinion of teachers. I simply realize you do not have the impact you assume. When a students tells you, he's not going to do his homework because he doesn't want to. What you going to do? What can you do? You think this child is there to please you. The child is there to seek your approval? He does his homework because it would make his teacher happy? Is that right? Get real! He basis his choices on the approval/fear of his parents not his teacher. Your job as a teacher is to cover what's in the curriculum and in many cases to provide day care.

Please pick the next topic you would like to receive an education. You lack much knowledge due to so many years of liberal brain washing. This shall be quite an endeavor but YOU shall be better off for it.

I live in California and China.

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Date:November 9th, 2010 06:32 pm (UTC)

Re: from ChinaSmacker

Percentage of resources invested is a more accurate measure of commitment than absolute dollars. Someone investing 30% of all they have available is more committed to the outcome than someone chipping in a mere 3%.

Oh, and I did teach math among other things. I was what is called a cross-categorical instructor in an alternative high school. I also taught GED preparation classes at the community college and in a program run by the Housing Authority. In these settings I worked with the population identified as "at-risk" -- victims of poverty, homelessness, and disenfranchisement. The bulk of my teaching career was in elementary exceptional children's education, however. My areas of EC certification were severe emotional handicap and conduct disorder.

I left education nearly two decades ago to work in mental health. I was a high-risk intervention counselor and a community support services coordinator -- sort of the mental health equivalent of an EMT. I'm currently a case manager with a mental health and substance abuse counseling agency. I work in psychosocial rehabilitation, family preservation services, and in general link people with needs to resources that can provide them the tools they need to overcome their circumstances. A teach them to fish rather than give them a fish approach.

What line of work are you in?

As for furthering my education, if you cruise through my LJ I'm sure you'll find other topics on which we disagree.
Date:November 9th, 2010 10:10 pm (UTC)

Re: from ChinaSmacker

I see you're already beginning to waver. Very good, a sign of impending change...

You said:
"Percentage of resources invested is a more accurate measure of commitment than absolute dollars. Someone investing 30% of all they have available is more committed to the outcome than someone chipping in a mere 3%.
Oh, and I did teach math among other things...."

Can't you see that you arrive at the same issue as I previously stated? Country A chipping in 3% to arrive at the same $ value would only mean that country A has more total resources than Country B that requires 30% to equal the same $ value. I would much rather live in Country A than Country B. Country A is "richer".

You don't need to describe your background. It was rather apparent from your initial post. You've never been an entrepreneur nor do you understand how a job is created. You would prefer to make laws affecting others and in areas you have little understanding. You believe in "feel good" laws and regulations that have devastating effects (cure is worse than the disease). And then, you cannot understand why things are not better, and the only possible reason someone like you can fathom as to why things are not better is that not enough money thrown at the problem.

You are a typical confused liberal.

About me, I'm a trader focusing on macro economics and commodities. My job is to die sect which governments are implementing poor social and monetary policy and make my bets on how that will affect their economies. In summary, my job is to predict which countries will thrive and which will falter.

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Date:November 10th, 2010 12:29 am (UTC)

Re: from ChinaSmacker

In order for your statement to be true, values must be equal in every setting. $1,000,000 will buy you an average condo half way up a building in New York City or a very nice house on a half-acre of land in Nashville. Setting aside for a moment that in one case you are paying for a hole in the air and in the other you are acquiring real property, the dollar amount remains the same, but the square footage changes depending on the local economy. What buys dinner for a family of four at an average waterfront restaurant in San Francisco will feed a family of four in Akron well for a week.

You can not say that a dollar has the same buying power in every city and nation in the world. If you are going to compare investments and values you must provide context, and you must factor for differentials, otherwise the numbers are meaningless. If you standardize you measures -- for example calculate the amount invested in terms of how many days' labor at the average wage in the local economy -- you will discover that the US invests far less in education than other nations. In terms of dollars, India spends a fraction what we do on education, but in terms of percentage of the nation's resources, America spends far less. Which of them has the more dynamic economy?
Date:November 10th, 2010 03:51 am (UTC)

Re: from ChinaSmacker

I didn't realize I would have to be so specific for you to understand...

Data is gathered using the local currency and then using a purchasing power parity conversion (the very short explanation is that it is like an exchange rate) to arrive at a USD $ value for comparative purposes (OR ELSE WE COULD NEVER MAKE A COMPARISON.) As such, the USA ranks in the top 5 in the world in primary school per pupil spending.

Makes sense?

It's time to get your education rolling. You've been in the dark for far too long and people like you have caused much damage to the USA.

Your homework:

1.) If black people are so poor and living in blighted urban areas, why don't they move? What's keeping them in an area where they can't find a job? Why do black/certain minorities consistently vote Democratic?

2.) Minimum wage - good or bad? How is a wage rate defined?

3.) Why are health care/higher education costs so high? One can state that it is a necessity but so are food, clothing, and in many parts of the country, a car. But the costs of those goods do not explode.... BTW, in California today, the University of California system stated that they intend to raise tuition rates by 8% but student loans will be increased to cover this amount. What makes it possible?

4.) What is wealth? Can the government create wealth? What is money? What is the purpose of money? What are taxes? What do taxes represent?

5.) Given our every increasing levels of productivity in agriculture, labor, suffice to say, all areas, why would something cost more now than it did 10, 20, or more years ago? What does the price of gold represent?

Do not attempt to answer these question using cliche answer like "discrimination" or "... blame the Right." Think long and think hard. Always look for exceptions and attempt to explain them. In fact, do research. And because you are a liberal, most importantly, USE YOUR BRAIN AND NOT YOUR HEART!

Take at least a week or longer to answer... After you fully answer these question, you'll probably be the first in line to join the Tea Party. You will see how much harm Democrats (and Republicans) have caused this country.

This is the start of your journey to enlightenment. The Matrix reference: Congrats, you have chosen the red pill. Now you will see how deep the rabbit holes goes... After your journey is complete, you will no wonder why this government program doesn't work, why spending so much money on XYZ does work, etc.
Date:November 10th, 2010 04:17 am (UTC)

Re: from ChinaSmacker

BTW, I'll be dealing with a wedding and traveling so I may not respond for a while but you have enough homework to last you for a while... :)
Date:November 9th, 2010 10:04 am (UTC)

Not so

Entirely your the imposition of your own racism onto the add.

It only looks random ...

Satori of a wandering mind.