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It only looks random ...

Satori of a wandering mind.

I have been the husband of Valerie for three decades, for various shorter periods of time, the father of Alethea, Anson, and Daya. Family is important to me. In fact, my lj screen name "KVAADK" = KeVin, Valerie, Alethea, Anson, & Daya Killiany. Also, I capitalize the "V" in the middle of my name to symbolize how Valerie is the center of my life. (So I'm a shmaltzy dork; sue me.)

Over the years I have worked as an actor, college instructor, drill rig operator, short-order cook, exceptional children's teacher, high-risk intervention counselor, warehouse grunt, retail manager, community support case manager, habilitation technician and paper boy. I'm an associate pastor of the Soul Saving Station of Wilmington, NC, case manager for a mental health agency, and a freelance and media tie-in writer.

As a writer, my short stories have appeared in three Star Trek: Strange New Worlds anthologies "Personal Log," vol. IV; "The Monkey Puzzle Box," vol V; "Indomitable," vol VII). I have also written two Starfleet Corps of Engineers e-books: "Orphans" and "Honor". ("Orphans" is also included in the Grand Designs anthology.) "Men of the Earth" is my contribution to Doctor Who Short Trips: Destination Prague (5th Doctor). In the Classic BattleTech universe I write "fluff": Gamer's SourceBooks and Technical Readouts. Online, my Classic BattleTech stories are available from BattleCorps (A pdf of my Last Full Measure is available as a free download for visitors.)and my MechWarrior: Dark Age fiction can be found at WizKids Games . My first novel, Wolf Hunters , was released by Roc in November of 2006; my second, To Ride the Chimera will be out in February of 2008. Can't think why I skipped 2007.